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node-influx Changelog

2016-11-12, 5.0.1

  • bug: .grantPrivilege generating invalid queries (#239)
  • doc: a documentation issue in .createRetentionPolicy's options (#238)
  • doc: tags and fields being swapped in a couple of usage examples

2016-10-27, 5.0.0

Stable release! No new changes.

2016-10-24, 5.0.0-alpha.4

  • breaking (only TypeScript): interfaces have been renamed and prefixed with an I
  • added compatibility with Node 4 (and non-ES6 targets with polyfills).

2016-10-22, 5.0.0-alpha.3

  • Fix more documentation typos.
  • Fix requests to https hosts failing.

2016-10-21, 5.0.0-alpha.2

  • breaking: The epoch property in the IQueryOptions type has been renamed to precision for consistency.
  • Multiple fixes have been made for Webpack support, awaiting resolution of node-libs-browser#41
  • Fixed an issue where precision could be lost when querying for nanosecond precision.
  • All time columns in Results are parsed to NanoDates, increased NanoDate parsing speed.
  • Fixed various compatibility issues with browser polyfills.
  • Documentation typos have been fixed (thanks @dandv!) and made more consistent.

2016-10-15, 5.0.0-alpha.1

5.0.0 is a port/rewrite of node-influx to TypeScript, aiming to provide a stronger foundation while fixing many of the pain points and bugs which currently exist. These include issues with escaping data passed to node-influx, date handling difficulties, quirks in the connection, and the lack of complete unit tests. We also take the opportunity to build a more modern, promise-based API. Concretely, here's what we've got for you:

  • A modern promise based API;
  • Order-of-magnitude performance increases (varying per situation);
  • A more consistent API with predictable and consistent escaping;
  • The ability to correctly and accurately deal with times;
  • The ability to correctly and accurately deal with all data types;
  • Fix some methods plain not working;
  • Isomorphism, allowing the adapter to work in both Node and the browser;
  • Less weird connection pool failures;
  • Much better and more complete documentation;

Please see the documentation linked in the readme for more information. The following is a list of breaking changes:

  • breaking: all methods have been modified to return promises
  • breaking: result output for grouped results has changed
  • breaking: data passed into Influx, except where otherwise noted, will be escaped automatically
  • breaking: the point structure for .write* methods has changed
  • breaking: the .writePoint method has been removed
  • breaking: .writeSeries as been more appropriately renamed writeMeasurement
  • breaking: write methods now write in nanosecond precision by default
  • breaking: .getSeriesNames has been renamed .getSeries
  • breaking: the old .getSeries method has been removed in favor of the behaviour exhibited by getSeriesNames
  • breaking: the InfluxDB client must now be invoked as new InfluxDB
  • breaking: the connection pool configuration has changed

2016-10-06, Version 4.2.3

  • bug: globalAgent ignored during HTTPS communication (#207)
  • bug: fix methods using deprecated GET which should be using POST (#191 and #188)
  • improvement: Support writing RFC3339 timestamps (#203)
  • improvement: Added a non-failing error message when the body is empty (#160)
  • docs: fix confusing terminology with series versus measurement (#205)
  • docs: update links in CONTRIBUTING.md (#199)
  • docs: fix "deprecated" typo in docs (#184)

2016-09-15, Version 4.2.2

Shoutout to @dandv for lots of awesome PRs this release!

  • improvement: sort tags before writing for greater performance (#179)
  • improvement: make code compliant with the latest standard rules (#161)
  • bug: fix escaping of quotes in strings (#183)
  • bug: fix empty result from getDatabaseNames throwing errors (#168)
  • docs: fix messy terminology and typos (#183 and #170)
  • docs: include the full license file and copyright (#180)
  • docs: fix instructions to run standard instead of just lint (#181)

2016-05-05, Version 4.2.0

  • typings: Added TypeScript definitions, thanks to @SPARTAN563 (#129)
  • init-url: Added support for configuring the client using a url (#128)
  • deps: Updated lodash dependency (#133)
  • _createKeyTagString: Fix '=' char escaping in KeyTagString (#127)
  • _createKeyValueString/_createKeyTagString: Fix encoding failues on objects containing a 'length' key (#126)