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influx is tested primarily with a suite of unit tests in additional to functional tests which require an InfluxDB instance to run. In order to check authentication related tests, the InfluxDB instance must have both HTTP and /ping authentication enabled and a root:root user must exist.

The recommended way of running Influx is use their official Docker image:

docker run -d --name influxdb \
  -p 8083:8083 -p 8086:8086 --expose 8090 --expose 8099 \

docker exec influxdb influx -execute "CREATE USER root WITH PASSWORD 'root' WITH ALL PRIVILEGES"

Alternately, you can use a local installation of the package. If you would like to contribute and don't want to set up a full Influx testing environment, you can run solely unit tests and linting via npm-run-all test:unit test:lint, which do not require anything other than an npm install.

When running tests you can configure where Influx lives by setting an environment variable which is a valid host to pass into the IClusterConfig object.

➜  node-influx git:(master) export INFLUX_HOST='{"host":"","port":12345}'
➜  node-influx git:(master) npm test

You can run npm run test:watch to watch files and automatically re-run tests when they change.